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I have been intrigued over the past couple of months with people talking about calibration. As my wife said "If you are spending that sort of money for the screen they should do that for you..."

But they don't, do they...

So yesterday, Gordon spent the best part of 3 hours making the best of my display.

The result?

Well after 24 hours, watching both DVDs and NTL, I can say that the image is indeed more natural looking. Although I found it a little soft at first - which Gordon did warn me about. I'm going to try and live with it for a while and see if it grows on me, otherwise the sharpness control may have to go back up a few notches.

Skin tones are probably the thing that I have noticed the most, they look much better, and the screen was overscanning too much, so Gordon put that right. But overall I can't really tell you a specific improvement except that it looks more natural, and appears to have more depth.

What was involved?

Couldn't tell you, that is why you need the ISF training I guess;)

It involved setting up the normal menus and delving into the black art of the service menu using a PC and Colour Analyser to determine the colour shown on my display compared with the colour output from my DVD player with the setup disks.

I am very pleased with the results, and if, like me you want to make the best of the display without delving into the service menu then Gordon is highly recommended. But then I guess many of you know that already.:)


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Does Gordon have a twin brother who lives in the sunny south?

When I was looking for the plasma before buying it, I asked in a HIFI shop about the calibration, and they look at you if you have gone mad...



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James is in the south PVR. I am writing this from hotel in Richmond. Indeed I travel the UK like the "display fairy" bringing joy to home cinema enthusiasts eerywhere.

If you email me I willbe happy to tell you cost. I won't post it as I don't knwo whether James wants to advertise how mcuh he spent to his friends and family (it wasn't much)

I am going to re-do pricing in January as I have learnt a great deal in last year about calibration. Mainly how certain display's work and store greyscale and geometry info. Our USA cousins had it easy as they just used ot get NTSC done. UK clients generally need PAL and NTSC done. If you use prog scan you might need PAL and NTSC prog and PAL interlaced done. It all adds up. So new pricing is going to take time taken more in to consideration.

James looked good when I left and may I thank him for the kind comments. The thing about the Panasonics is the sharpness seems to be creating least distortion around -6 to -10 (on d4). Many folk find this makes text on menu's look soft so most turn it up a little. The beauty of my calibrations is that I set the factory defaults to be correct so you can play around and have fun and if it all goes pear shaped you can press "normal" and it goes back to correct!



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I had some advice that one should only get a plasma screen calibrated once it's been "run in". Otherwise, after first 1000 hours it will need recalibration.

Is this true? Does the picture change that much over time?



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Excellent, cheer Gordon. Always better to have data than supposition and speculation. :)

Look forward to reading results.


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