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So I got a used LG 42pc1da, it had 5000 hours on it and it was buzzing loud. Well, loud to me as I'm sensitive to this noise and we have a small room where the tv sits. I ended up selling it and bought a Panny tcp42u2 only to find it buzzes too! When I turn it on it's quiet except for the obvious power hum which I can't hear unless I put my ear up to it. As soon as a picture is displayed on the screen this hum turns into a buzz which gets louder with image brightness. This is understandable as this is how a plasma generates the image and it's the power consumption.

Anyway it was driving me a bit mental, so I went to a proper electronics store which sells only high end tv and home theatre solutions, only to find out that they ALL freaking buzz just like that. The LCD ones I saw were quieter but still generated some noise.

This wouldn't be an issue if I had a large living room where the sound can get dampened all over , but when you are in a 9x 12 ft room with bare walls the noise resonates in your head!

To solve the issue for now flattened the box the tv came in and put it behind the tv, then I hung a thick blanket on that. This way the sound is dampened and it really helped a lot surprisingly. There is still a good gap between the back and the blanket :)

Anyway it's a bit annoying that this is how the technology is, what can you do I guess. How do u guys deal with it? Just get used to it?

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