Plasma buzz with settings low


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My Panasonic 50UT30B buzzes on bright images while I have the settings low for run in. If I Increase the Contrast or use Dynamic mode the buzz is less noticable - everything I have read on plasma buzz suggests that it should buzz more at higher contrast levels, but mine is the opposite - does that sound normal


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I have an LG plasma and on very bright or white scenes there is a buzz, it goes when the scene changes and withthe sound system running its not a problem at all other than i know its there and shouldnt be.

Plasmas do buzz though its their 'thing' much like lcd has motion blur etc, on most screens its impreceptible but occasionally it becopmes loud enough to hear as a distraction. If it bothers you and you are in the warranty period still why not send it back and get a replacement although you're not guaranteed to get a replacement that wont buzz.

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