Plasma Burn-In ... ? Panasonic TH42PW6.



I am literally on the verge of ordering a Panasonic TH42PW6 plasma screen but there is just that 'burn-in' gremlin biting at my feet about it!!!!!
Exactly how long does it take for a static image to burn into a plasma screen? If my wife watches 'SKY 1' all day with that infernal logo in the corner, will it be permanantly burnt in by the time I get in from work?
I know LCD's don't suffer this problem and the new LCD SHARP Aquos LC-37HV4E looks rather good (retails at 5000 GBP but I've seen it for 3200 GBP). I am willing to sacrifice those precious 5" of screen area for peace of mind in this rather large investment!!!
Also, the cheapest I can get the Panny is 2500 with composite/component/s-video board. Has anyone seen a cheaper deal than this?
Thanks in advance.


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I'm planning to get this too - I don't think there are many issues with burn-in with the newer plasmas, you may still get it if left on for a couple of days but I doubt you'd get it with 8 hours of Sky One.


Hmmmm. I read that all the major manufacturers had stated that they will NEVER be able to do anything about the plasma burn-in problem as they have to use a specific phosphor.
If what you say is true Dean, then switching on the 'orbiter' will much further reduce the threat.
I just want to make sure that I don't blow 3 grand on a screen and bugger it up within a month!
It's a tricky one!


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Yeah I know what you mean, it's a big investment but as the majority of plasmas will be used with Sky or Freeview then I am sure it should be quite safe. Well haven't noticed any complaints on this forum, but I'm sure a few people have experienced it. I take it your going for the silver version? I'm probably gonna go for black :cool:


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From a plasma owner of some 3000+ hours experience - relax. You actually have to go out of your way to permanently burn an image onto a screen. Take sensible precautions early in the life of the screen - lower the contrast; avoid prolonged (hours and hours) viewing of channels with bright logos; use any features like orbiting which the display has - and you'll be fine.


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i have the panny, and at first was definately over cautious. After a short period of time you will treat it the same as your usual TV and have no problems!!!!!
I play xbox on live for hours with no problems and watch plenty of channels with logos. I can't say i have even noticed a slight residual image.

I am not sure how corect this is by i have heard people say that the panny is one of the most resilient against screen burn.


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"for hours" is not an issue. "For days" yes, but I doubt anyone at home would leave their plasma on for days.
One thing people recommend is being coutious for the first 100 or so hours. And being cautious means switch between '4:3' and 'Just' on SKYNews or other 'plasma-friendly' channels every 2 hours of watching. And make sure you run it 16:9, Just or Zoom for a 30sec just before you switch the thing off if you are watching it at 4:3. But that's only for your first week. After that forget burn in unless you put it in a windaow of fish-n-chips shop and it says OPEN for 10 hours a day.

Some people who use fancy remotes did have their screens accidentally turned on in the middle of the night just because their remote felt like it. If you are obsessive compulsive kind of guy switch off the last source you've been watching as well, then the screen will be black and when the pixels don't shine they don't burn.


I use my plasma, just as i have with any tv i have ever had, it gets a battering with kids programs and I have never had any problems this included leaving it on over night(by accident).

Relax not really an issue with the pw6


I haven't yet got any issue with permanent screen burn, but there is also a short-term screen burn where the cells need to be "exercised" with some brighness variation before they forget a previous static image.

eg a DVD left on the menu screen which then starts playing with white titles on a black background. The menu may remain visible in areas which have stayed black ever since the menu.

I think LCD will eventually put plasma out of business at bigger screen sizes. But we'e not there yet.


Treat it like a baby for the first week (100 hrs) then just don't worry about it.
Got it!

Thanks everybody!


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