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Hi Folks, I have a 50" Samsung Plasma in my bar. Mostly watching Films, Rugby etc. I have a plethora of cables eminating fro the back which I would like to tidy up. More urgently however is the problems I have connecting and disconnecting cables such as Phono's , scart etc. The TV is mounted close to the wall and you would need to be a gynaecologist to get your hands up in behind to connect and disconnect cables. Is there such a thing as a 'Breakout Box' that I could mount below the TV perhaps that will present all the connections to me in an easily accessible fashion.

Currently I have a VGA Lead from PC, Scart from Karaoke, Scart from Sky Plus, Mains Power, Red & White Phone from PC, Red & White phono from Karaoke, HDMI from XBox 360, and probably others I cant remeber. Its a total mess and there only so long I can make excuses to the 'Missus'. All the cables eminate in different directions away from the TV and they give the appearance of a large spiders web below it. Its a real eye sore.
My last resort is to 'kango' a track in the wall, bury all the wires and plaster over it again.. Hopefully it wont come to that..

Any advise appreciated.



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Thanks CovDude..but your way off the mark.. That company just supply cable tidies albeit fancy high tech ones. I am looking for a Breakout Box.. i.e Box full of diferent type ports that will extend all the ports from the rear of the TV and present them on the Breakout Box.

Cheers Anyway


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Can you not track the cables into the wall? This looks extremely tidy and, as long as you don't have any plans to move the TV you are laughing. I have mine tracked into the wall and you cannot see a single cable. It looks really smart. Also, just get 5m leads or whatever length you need and you will always be able to use them, even if you replace your TV as the cables will still be there. ;)

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