Plasma Banding (Every Brand affected)


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In my quest to find out what is wrong with my samsung 1080p 50" plasma i came across the following thread:

Turns out by the shear way plasmas work they are ALL effected by this.
1080p Models more so, due to their increased power requirements but even 720p model are affected including the Kuro range.
How on earth has plasma retained its performance edge with this problem.


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It's not all plasmas and LCDs. My mate has a panny px7(?) series which does it, my Pio 435 does it and as I find it quite irritating, it's one of the things I've been looking for whilst demoing new sets. The Pio 8 series does not do it (looked clear on a sky menu screen I saw being displayed) and I don't recall seeing it on the Sony W3000 or X3500 LCD models when I looked.

I seem to recall some CRTs were prone to it as well, but not all.


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Search for streaks and shadows in this forum, some topics covered it.


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All Plasma and LCD flat panels suffer some degree of colour banding - even the Pioneer 8G.


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I don't recall noticing banding on my parents 32" Sony CRT circa 2000/2001. I do, however, on my 4 year old Tosh lcd. Very noticable it is too.


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Yep the title of the thread is a little misleading as when I read it first of all I assumed the OP meant the problem displaying subtle gradation of colour.

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How on earth has plasma retained its performance edge with this problem.

Because it's not a plasma problem. On my dad's Panasonic Vierra LCD, this effect is everywhere. On my new Samsung plasma, it is not.


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I did notice this slightly on the Pioneer Kuro 4280XD I owned for a while, and again on the LG PG6000 but it really did not bother me at all as it was only certain parts of an image. I noticed it when I was flicking round the SD channels on the PG6000 and the snooker was on. Posterisation is easy to spot here. It really doesn't bother me that much though. There are far more important issue ahead of it. ;)

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