Plasma Backlight?

Anyone got any good ideas how i can backlight a plasma please?
Cheers Jmack avsforums is where i got the idea from , havnt seen rope lighting is this easilly obtainable?


ive just looked on maplins site could not find it but will still search
did u look at the bottom link that guy got a nice set up.
i think a rope type lighting would give a better light than the neon strip on each side of the panel


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You can get rope light from Homebase most of the year round. they do most colours, though it may be a bit long.


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Argos sell, rope lighting, saw it in the catalogue this afternoon, when my girlfriend was looking for some speaker stands. Thankfully I managed to talk her out of the £9.99 ones though! Taking her to a proper shop tomorrow.


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The Argos stuff seems to be multicoloured and a bit nasty.
Some of the overclocking stores sell it as a case mod, but I guess it would be 12V - quite expensive too!

What about the kitchen cupboard strip lights you get? They seem to have a "warmer" light than neon tubes, and they are fairly low profile, too.....
Im going to try white christmas tree lights! should be easy to hide.


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I nearly suggested that but thought I'd get laughed at.
Never tried, but can you run them off a dimmer - I don't see why not, as they're normal bulbs at 240V. Might do something similar round our fixed PJ screen....
Im going to wire them to a dimmer switch so i can control them with my rc 5000, will try and post a pic if it works ok.

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