Plasma as a mirror


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Here's a fun idea as a break from all this plasma model decision making. Has anyone connected one of these mini cameras (Maplin/Keene/X10 etc) to a plasma on the wall and set it just below it on the mantelpiece. It could even be hidden a bit. Makes a groovyyy mirror (may need to invert the picture or may confuse). I thought of this because my wife has a nice mirror above the fire which is also a good place to put plasma!


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Nice idea - I was also wondering about hooking up an external one as a security/ front door cam. Would be cool to get the door bell to switch the input on the plasma to the camera's input channel.

One word of warning - my Pio 433 manual specifically warns not to attach still or nearly still video images to the video inputs (composite, s-vid and component) - such as those from a static cam - for long periods as burn-in becomes a real issue. You're better protected on the VGA/DVI inputs as the plasma takes steps to reduce brightness of the image over time.

What kind of power requirements and output formats do these cams have?



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I haven't looked specifically but they are pretty good on specs normally.

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