plasma and bad pixel fill ratio??


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"Plasma screens have a very poor pixel fill ratio, worse than an LCD projector.

If you stand close to a plasma screen you will easily spot the grid structure around the pixels. Start walking backwards to find the point where the grid structure disappears. You'll find that its something like 2.5 to 3 times the screen width"

What do you make of this??


It's partially true, but it depends on the screen size and resolution, and also the manufacturer. I can stand in front of the plasma at work (cheapo no-name data display one at that) and the pixel structure is only visible from about half a metre or closer.
If you were to turn the brigtness right down, you might spot the pixels from further away - but this would be pointless.

Before anyone questions me on this, I can't get a prescription out of my optician - my eyesight is apparently almost perfect. Unfortunately if I were long sighted, I'd probably be able to notice screen problems from further away without glasses.

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