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Plasma above a fire (Panasonic PX60)


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Hi guys,

After months of debating and researching/comparing my wife and I are finally upgrading from our SD projector to a 50" Panasonic PX60 which will be arriving on the 11th Jan.
We plan to have the plasma on a wall bracket above our fire which is a gas powered 4kw plasma style fire (built into the wall as opposed to coming out from it) we were assured many times in the Panasonic store that this would be no issue whatsoever, but still having doubts are planning to buy a shelf to go between the fire and the tv to deflect heat.
Anyway, we just got back from buying the tv and phoned the guy Panasonic recommended to get the wall bracket onto the wall and he said he wouldn't recommend the plasma being above a fire and has known one in the past to end up blurred at the bottom of the screen and Panasonic said it wouldn't be covered as it was heat damage from the fire.
Anyone got any ideas on how bad it is to have the plasma above a fire? I'm worried now, as if its not there it really ruins our plans for the lounge, but I'd hate to have a genuine problem with the TV (like these worrying purple 'snakes' i've just been reading about!) or to have something that really was related to heat, and for Panasonic to basically say its tough.


I wouldn't wish to mount a screen above a fire. I'd worry about damaging the screen and the get-out it would give to my supplier if I needed an engineer to call.



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Having been testing the dreaded "purple snakes" for fellow forumites I share your worry.

I can be more helpful (I think) with the heat from the fire. Many of these gas fires spit the heat out into the room and don't send much up vertically (so almost defying physics). You need to measure the temperature of where the base of the plasma will be (with the fire on, full blast). If it is within reason (under 25C?) you will be OK, if it is 30C+ it is time to reconsider.


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This is so weird. They guy in the shop insited they were tested up to 200C; I was like... "are you sure about that" (as obvisouly thats a crazy temperature) and he was very insistant. I might see if I can get him/his manager to sign something saying they've told me it will be fine.
Unfortunatly I can't actually test the temperature as the fire isn't in yet, won't be in until the day before the guy comes round to put the mount on the wall.:oops:


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I intend to put a plasma above the fire too. My fire is a gas coal effect that gives off about 3.75 kw. I have measured the temprature with the fire full on and the thermometer on the shelf records room temprature.

The shelf I have is about 4 -6 " out from the wall, so I guess that I'll have no problems. You should check that your fire is radiating heat more than convection, heat drifting up out of the vents, like a radiator.


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Have a look at the FAQ at the top of the board here.

There are a few threads you can read about mounting above fires and how people got on.

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