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Plasma 50inch fitting to plaster wall with breeze block 40mm behind



I want to fit a 50inch plasma to an outside wall.
It has plaster board then a 40mm gap then breeze block.

I was thinking of cutting out the size of the mount, large slim line one, from the plaster and fitting a couple of layers of ply direct to the breeze wall to brind the ply to be level with the plaster board.
Then screwing the mount through the ply into the breeze with some coach bolts.
This way the weight would be across the ply against the breeze block.

Any thoughts, have people done similar things?


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sounds good to me mate,or you could cut the board away like you said,then get some plaster board adesive,and cover the whole area and replace with plasterboard,

least that way,its solid behind the board to fix the tele,then you could filler over the join ,to bring your wall back to a better finish

my 50inch plasma is fixed to a breeze block wall using these


i have used 10 in total,and theres no way its going anywhere,remember all the weight is pulling down,so very hard for a stationary tele to pull the fixings forward 100 odd mm by itself

alot of guys on here use some real heavy duty fixings,which i think are not really needed,although will give you better piece of mind i guess,

for example,have a look at how your radiators are fixed to a wall,now a rad full of water is pretty heavy,bet they are only fitted with a standard raw plug and not to much of a oversized screw,

which one would cause more damage if it fell of the wall,

i think a rad full of water would,on top of all the water coming out the rest of the heating system,yet no one worrys how our rads are fixed to a wall,

choose the right fixings,as some will make the breezblock crumble as you tighen them up


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I would not bother cutting and packing out, all you are doing is adding weight, and fitting to a breeze block wall can turn into a DIY nightmare, the combined weight of a 50" plasma and the mdf packers must be north of 55kg.
If you are not to troubled fit a 20mm plywood sheet slightly bigger than your bracket and fix to plasterboard if like to play safe one fixing every 6"inch or every 8"inch depending on your state of nervousness at time of hanging a 46kg plasma on wall,
remember every fixing is taking part of the load so the more fixings the less load/ or fit bracket straight to plasterboard with same fixings.

My samsung 50" is straight onto the wall with plasterboard fixings.

use something like grey plasterboard rawlplugs to get you started, then some toggle fasteners, see link.
assuming you have not used these before, mark your hole positions on the mdf, drill hole 5.5 mm if using 5mm screws
offer the mdf up to plasterboard drill through hole using mdf as a tempate on plasterboard , then drill plasterboardwith a 7mm hole to take toggle, fold toggle over slip part way into hole hold board up and fit screws, I did this myself, and I am still attending the chiropractor, get some help to hold the board. they take a good bit of tightening, sometimes you think you have them tigh and then you get a good bit more, sorry to bang on but if you have not used these they can be a bit fiddly.


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enecosse,this is how i see your way though buddy,basicly its the plasterboard that will be under stress doing it this way,not the breezeblock,

the plasterboard is only held up by board adhesive,of which the back of the board is only thin paper,so really you are only relying on the paper staying fixed to the plasterboard,if you catch my drift,

as a plasterer i ofter rip of old plasterboard,and its not hard to pull it off,but saying that the tele wont be ttrying to rip the wall down lol

i could be totally wrong in my thinking of how i see it,just food for thought filterit

some dodgy builder did this poor guys tele, http://www.avforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=799864

im sure you will do it a better way,


Right thanks for the advice everyone.

Going to leave the plaster board as is and put 8 Rigifix mounts from Mark Grant into the breeze block. Should be okay with this.
Want to be sure so putting 8 in as don't want it dropping on the kids.

Will take some snaps for other people considering this.

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