Plasma: 1024x768 or 852x480 resolution. Which is better?

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Apr 29, 2001
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Trying to decide which model plasma screen to go for. I'm a little bit confused by the screen resolution on some of the models I've been looking at, and would be grateful if anyone could explain the implications of choosing a 1024x768 resolution over 852x480. I have a Tag based setup (av32r and dvd32r, and will probably get the PSM192 for progressive scan at a later date), watching mainly digital TV via an old OnDigital box and dvds from the Tag.

Will the higher resolution of 1024x768 offer a better picture compared to 852x480 in a real life situation (rather than at the test bench)?

Will a screen with a higher resolution help 'future-proof' my setup?

Anything else I should be aware of?


Yeah, more pixels = more chance of one of them going wrong! I'd be perfectly happy with the 852 x 480 resolution, looked fantastic on the Panny 42PWB3, don't think the higher resolution is worthwhile unless you intend using a PC with it.


VGA resolution is fine for today (i.e. DVD). However, spare a thought for HD-DVD which only a few years away (in which case XGA would be a better bet). I'm looking to buy a plasma soon and I don't plan on having to change it in a few years time to get good performance from Hi-Def sources (D-Theater anyone?).
I'd definately buy 1024x768 with the future in mind (Pioneer or Panasonic).


I have the Panasonic '4' model that is currently available for about £3500. It's a great picture, and as the native resolution for R1 progressive it means the best possible picture as no scaling is required from the plasma.

However, the resolution is certainly not good enough for PC applications, so if you intend to hook up your computer then greater resolution may be worthwhile.

As for the HD-DVD argument, I would say that as plasma prices are falling so rapidly today's models will be so technologically outdated by the time HD-DVD is around that you'll want to replace it anyway. Last year hardly anyone on the forum had a plasma, but this year there are quite a few of us. Another two years will see high resolution 42" for the same price as today's RPTV's so I think most people will upgrade again for HD-DVD. 1024x768 will seem pretty basic then.

Go for the good deal on an 852x480 panel and spend the extra cash on a pro-scan DVD deck if you don't already have one.

The Pioneer PDP-433MXE is the model to look at - especially if you are considering a PSM192 in your system.

The Panasonics are great but dont handle DVI as well as the Pioneer units and Pioneer have just announced a very aggressive price on the 433MXE (1024 x768).

If you purchase a D4 Panasonic now with a BNC board for YPbPr Component input you will require an upgrade DVI board when you go to the PSM192 - assuming you choose to go with the DVI output that is!

The Pioneer has a great picture and we already have a couple installed in TAG systems with the PSM192 and so far no complaints.

Best regards

Thanks Joe.

Can you outline the difference between a component connection and DVI. I have pre-cabled the wall (we redecorated last year and I buried a run of 5-core Red series vanDamme in the plaster) for component, so would only reluctantly go down the DVO route. The quality difference would have to be quite marked to justify to my girlfriend a cable running up the wall (I promised a cable-free installation!).



Fair point. Technology waits for no man. However, HD-DVD is closer than you think, and I for one certainly don't intend to change my plasma every few years.

As 720p is one of the HD formats (in the US at least) then any XGA plasma will be suitable, and XGA means less scaling on 1080i. But there again who know's what rez we might need on a future format.


I'm seriously considering the Pioneer MXE nearer xmas (from Mr Fernand no less). It looks the cats whiskers (spec/price wise). Joe has inferred on the Tag forum, I recall, that it's one of the few plasmas that will accept 16:9 Pal & NTSC signals through DVI. Perhaps the main rival will be the imminent Panasonic 42" HD model (not sure about the DVI issue on the new model). Joe any news on the new panasonic?


Yes - but they (the boys in suits) wont let me publish it yet

I dont see the big 'sell off' of D4 panels as suggested elsewhere - there are not a whole lot of these left and as soon as the ones that are in the UK are sold out then we will start to ship the
TH-42PWD5BX (start of next month) - I believe the D5's are already in the UK !!!

Not much info as yet on the TH-42PHD5BX (that's the NEW 1024x768 panel) - and no confirmation as yet as to how the DVI board will handle 16:9 resolutions; I think also the new pricing from Pioneer on the PDP-433MXE has given Panasonic a bit of head scratching in trying to decide at what price point to pitch the new HD panel.

I also heard today that Pioneer will soon be offering an upgrade video board with a higher quality video scaler for the MXE models (possibly next quarter) - not sure by whom and for how much.


I'm definitely in the market for a plasma in the next few months, can you tell me if you check all the displays you sell for pixel problems before shipping? I'd hate to spend this sort of money only to find there's one or two pixels permanently green or something and I know if that happens it's in spec according to Panasonic. If you don't check them would you be happy to exchange such a display for another if it turned out to have some dodgy pixels on arrival?

Personally, I see HD-DVD going the way of LDs and SVHS/DVHS, i.e. a niche market for the enthusiats.

You have to remember that this AV forum does not reflect the views of the general public.

Thanks for that info. Whooo... exciting! Please keep us posted on the forum.

Perhaps Pioneer's super keen pricing on the MXE will prompt Panasonic to do likewise! I shall be watching with interest.


Originally posted by Joe Fernand
.....I also heard today that Pioneer will soon be offering an upgrade video board with a higher quality video scaler for the MXE models (possibly next quarter) - not sure by whom and for how much.


anything related with the Key Digital video board, specially developed to the Pionner MXE models?
I visited their site and the specs of the card are excelent. It does de-interlacing and re-scaling to the plasma native resolution, and it includes an HiDef component input. After watching HiDef, DVD media capabilites seem a bit limited..... :(

There is a long thread on the AVs forums about the KD board, the thread was pretty much the driving force behind the development.

Makes interesting reading and certainly shows KD to be customer responsive :)

I think the NEW 1024x768 panels are not good for PCs, as they try to makes us think... :eek:

As the pixels are not square, we wont get the picture right, unless it is scaled... :rolleyes:
Originally posted by Lowrider
I think the NEW 1024x768 panels are not good for PCs, as they try to makes us think... :eek:

As the pixels are not square, we wont get the picture right, unless it is scaled... :rolleyes:

Hi Antonio,
I believe the same. Should work OK if it is a video scaler that "knows" the screen has a 16:9 geometry, and therefore is able to light up the correct pixels in order to create a non deformed picture.
If fed trough a computer using the max resolution I am not sure how they get an image with the right geometry, and not a "fatty" one.
The Pioneer 433 will accept 1280x768 via VGA or DVI ports and the internal scaler takes care of mapping to the 1024x768 16:9 pixels.

The best solution is for the source (graphics card) to do the scaling and when suitable drivers become available, the panel can be simply and optimally fed with its native resolution.
If memory serves (and it frequently doesn't) all current and future ATi Radeon series cards have native support for HDTV modes and resolutions. That is everyting up to 1080p I think. I've managed to drive my CRT monitor in some very 768p - a 16:9 image was the result. But I'm not sure if the DVI output handles all these resolutions.

Hope this helps.

You are right, but then you won´t get true PC resolution, it won´t be pixel to pixel, as in the monitors, as they try to make you believe...

I will either get a 50" with real 16:9 resolution, like the NEC, or wait until they go back to square pixels on 42" plasmas...
Hello all

Gordon - I hope SS are picking up your expenses TAB :)

zAndy1 - yes all panels get a visual inspection before they are shipped. The Panasonic panels arrive without a video board fitted so we normally fit them anyway and give the panel a test before repacking it.

Also please note Panasonic panels are generally not problematic as far as stuck pixels are concerned.

Kaspj - still no news on pricing of the new D5 HD from Panasonic (Pioneer really have given them a problem with the new PDP-433MXE pricing).

We now have a price for the NEW TH-42PWD5BX and I'll have it on the web site from tomorrow night - availability will be by the end of this month.

LostInUK - nVidia chip set was mentioned but other than that the chap I was talking to was not that close to the project so I'm pursuing someone else for more info on this upgrade board - I know Pioneer are keen to push this feature and have a few other specialist boards in production for commercial applications.

Pioneer seem to be getting quite responsive to customer feedback - hence the reason we can NOW offer a 50" PDP-503MXE in Silver at no extra cost over the standard Charcoal display.

Best regards


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