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Problem for the gardeners to help with please...

Last year we bought a couple of plants, pots, soil and the basic gear to have a few on our balcony. Nothing special just a mini olive tree and a bouganvillea, some broken polystyrene in the bottom and the recommended layer of soil. After a few days of watering we realised that what seemed like any water we put in would drain out the bottom. The problem being that this soon spilled over and dripped down onto the balcony below as it is made similar to decking and therefore plenty of gaps. Fortunately they were never outside at the time lighting up to get this shower. As a temporary solution I have put them into trays with a hole drilled about an inch up so if rain water gets that high it will not drown them.

This year if possible I want to get some new pots or tubs or whatever without holes in the bottom to avoid this problem and get rid of the trays as well. So first question is can this be done? What I've read suggests it can with polystyrene or gravel/pebbles in the bottom to hold a layer of water which is then moved back up the soil when needed. Also having a pot with holes inside the pot without holes was another idea, anyone have experience with these methods? Finally what type of plants would be more suited to this, I'm definitely a novice so has to be easy care, I don't mind pruning and tidying it up but past that I need step by step. Colourful would be nice, the bouganvillea we had was ideal but it doesn't look like it survived the winter and it was much more than I wanted to spend so I'd rather not risk that much again on one plant. Something like that which will get a little bit of height and colour would be ideal.

Cheers for reading

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