Plans for new home cinema system and ‘in’ wall speakers


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currently got Sonos play 3 sound bar , two sonos rears and Sonos sub but Ive had enough, the app is always useless , slow to load and and they have now restricted podcasts from what I can see and when the speakers are stretched with volume cranked up they aren’t too great!!
So my kitchen and dining room wall is getting knocked through to make a decent sized kitchen lounge diner. I am thinking gives me
The opportunity whilst the builders are ripping apart Walls and ceiling to run cables where I need to and with that in mind I am going to install a separates system.
Space saving is going to be important to me therefore I want minimal no big clunky speakers , I have been looking into in wall speakers and really like the idea of this think it will finish the room off nicely .
here is what I have specd so far:
Av receiver - Martanz NR1710
Centre speaker - monitor audio w150
Sub - q install
Q Install QISUB80SP 8" In Wall Home Cinema Subwoofer
Left and right speaker - Polk audio rc65i
Polk Audio RC65i In Wall Speakers (Pair)
Rear - In ceiling speakers Polk audio rc60i
Zone b - another pair of Polk audio rc60i

I guess my main questions are :
How do in wall ceiling speakers perform as rears , note I have gone for a model with directional tweeters which I have read can make a difference
Also does anyone have experience of In wall speakers , I guess over non in wall you are possibly sacrificing a bit of sound quality ?
Any other recommendations based on the spec I have outlined ?


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At a minimum you want the LCR speakers to be tonally matched, so speakers from the same range would be preferable.

I've got some in wall stereo speakers in my dining room, they're pretty old second hand Linn Sekrits and I've been very happy with them. IMO taking extra care over the wall they are installed in pays dividends. I paid extra attention to building a nice solid well braced false wall which I feel makes all the difference.

Mines only a stereo so I've got no other advice to offer.


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I've just installed MA wall-speakers in a new build, with well braced stud inners on the external walls. Very happy with them, sound better than all the hock up arrangements I've had in the past. Can't speak for the sub, I have a separate Rell under the staircase :) Look really nice too, met with the family's approval!


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Room/Room Layout - Open Plan is always difficult when trying to achieve any form of Surround sound, can you post plans or pics of the space and where you intend to place the loudspeakers?



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Finished TV wall sorted, I have to say so impressed with the separates system, (in my opinion having owned both setups) separates and wired speakers vs Sonos there's no comparison the sound quality and also the connectivity of a good av receiver is so much better, really pleased with the sound quality of the in wall speakers

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