Planning Stage - Bulkhead & Coffer on top of Genie Clip Double/Timber system


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I'm converting my internal garage into a home cinema with a bedroom above and lounge to the side. I'd like to sound proof using the existing wooden ceiling joists and build a stud frame on the walls, then apply Rockwool, Genie Clips and double Acoustic Soundboard system. Ceiling hight is 2.6M from floor to bottom of joists.

I'd also like to have a bulk head with centre coffer that has atmos speakers, lights and a star ceiling in the coffer.

Can someone please confirm if I should complete the sound proof (Genie Clips and double Acoustic board) then build the bulk head on top of that? Or should I try and incorperate it into the build another way?

I'm also being told by companies like iKoustic that once the sound proof system is in place, I shouldn't be drilling or hanging heavy bulk head frames off system. If that's the case then how and where do I attach a bulk head too?

Here's a sample picture of the sound proof system I'd llike to use.



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