Planning/Rewiring my house for 5.1


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Wiring a new house
Hello People this is my first thread, but I have been reading lots of article for the past few months now. I have seen lots of inspiring work!

I am currently in the process of purchasing a new house, it needs a full rewire so I thought it would be a good idea to set up my wiring for a 5.1.

The room is 3.7mx3.6m (will be slightly bigger soon as a wall is coming down. But this is the main media area.

Ideally I am looking to set up the following to one flat wall (tv side):

1 x AV418367 - 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker Wall Plate

2 x AV4-WP3200 Satin Chrome speaker wall plate - 4 Speaker terminals

2 x double plug set (ideally again using its own 'ring main'??)

Rear: surrounds

2 x Satin chrome speaker wall plate - 2 speaker terminals

I am 90% sure that the wiring will be run under the floorboard, I assume this would be the best process?

Can anyone recommend decent speaker cable which will last a number of years! nu

Am I missing anything? open to questions and suggestions.

I have time to plan, as the house purchase is still pending.

I have my eyes on the Acoustic Solutions 2000 Cinema set up. I have chosen Bi-wire options for the front incase this changes.



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Idea for you instead of paying silly amounts of money on terminal wall plates, purchase a polished chrome/or satin - whatever you want cover plate - screwless and some banana plugs. Drill 2 or 4 holes into it with a metal drill bit and hey presto.
Like this

£12 that will cost you instead of £32!!!

I wanted to do my own dedicated ring main for the AV kit but didnt this time as it ment destroying the kitchen to the get the consumer unit. When i redo the kitchen, i'll do it then. As my Av kit is recessed into the wall - backing into the kitchen it is easily done. I will also install a UPS to run the AV kit underneath the kitchen cabinet. We seem to be getting more and more electricity cuts these days and its messed up some recordings. grrr.

As for speaker cable for left/right and centre, i bought this - 4mm. OEHLBACH stuff.
ebay link

For the surrounds i got slightly thinner stuff - 2.5mm
30m OEHLBACH Speaker Cable 2x2.5mm2 -OFC- Audio/Hifi on eBay (end time 09-Dec-10 20:49:50 GMT)

Works well and sounds nice.

See my thread for my project...almost completed now.


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Hi thanks for the money saving tips!

The ring main does sound like a big ! I may have to double check this with the electrition!
I like your work, didnt event think to look on ebay for speaker cable.

I have noiced everything is install CAT4/5/6 cables... i dont understand why though?

Although I have just realised maybe a plate for Sky and TV aerial?

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