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Planning A new setup..any advice


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Hi there.

I've been browsing these forums for a few months now after kind of getting the itch for a better setup so this is sort of where I've got to in terms of planning so far.

I'm a 22yr old student, unfortunately stuck living in rented accommodation at least until late 2009. This annoyingly places a few restrictions on what I can do with the room due to a small matter of a £250 deposit I'd rather not lose.

To start off I've made a few scale sketches of my room as it is now using sketch up (which I must say Im having amazing fun with, kinda wondering why Im doing forensic science and not a design course ..but anyway I digress :D)

My basic room layout

Plan View

And heres my current speaker setup.

Im currently running a basic 5.1 kit with a desktop pc not a laptop, hooked up to a dell 24" LCD which does 1080i through component for ps3 but lacks HDMI though.

So down to the details. I'd decided I wanted a decent HD tv and have pretty much settled on the Toshiba 37" XV503 which has plenty of great features and performance for my budget. Due to my deposit and contract rules I won't be able to wall mount it though..which in a room this size obviously cuts down my options.

Secondly the room only has two different power points. One on the wall in the right hand corner of the desk and the second on the wall behind the bedside cabinet.

The final problem is neither the wardrobe or desk can be moved around to achieve a better layout as they are fitted to the walls.

Next is the audio setup.

If im in my room I pretty much always have music on so decent music quality is something I do want but I'd also like a good performance for watching movies from my ps3 or gaming.

I think I'd like to go with seperates..and for the meantime I can do with just an amp and speakers to start off with but a cd player would be nice also.
My budget is gonna be about £750 max.

I don't know whether an AV amp or a simple stero amp would be better for my needs. Iknow an AV amp gives me the option to add more speakers later on anyhow but will will it still produce nice stereo sound (im not looking for totally amazing here..this is bargain land ;) )

As for speakers Im kinda wanting to do away with the wires of a 5.1 setup as I cant hide much in here so I don't mind going for a stereo setup with sub if needed.

I like the idea and look of floorstanders and I kinda mocked up what my setup might look like below.

I checked measurements and everything should fit fine where placed but Im not sure if the speakers are a bit too close to the screen.

So what I'm after advice on:

1) does that setup look ok or pant's?..if so what could be changed
2) would I be better off with bookshelf speakers in a room this size?
3) suggestions for a decent amp + speaker (either bookshelfs or floorstanders) setup.. given a budget of ~£750

Thanks in advance for any thoughts


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Don't you just love halls!

v CJ v

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Good sketches, and looks like a good plan. Shame you can't move the furniture around...


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You might have got more feedback in the Home DIY section on this board.
The shape of your room is actually very similar to mine. Good planning but if i were planning out of that room i would probably put my bed where you have put your desk. I would also put the wardrobe where you have your bedside table and put the desk where you have your wardrobe right now. The TV i would position above the desk and mount it on the wall.

Scratch what i said about the layout i just read that you cannot move things around.


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thanks for the suggestion. will post it up in the DIY section see what they have to say.

I also found out theres a couple of different floor plans for rooms here depending on which room in a flat you get so I emailed the company asking if they have any floor plans available for me to view. Might be able to switch to something a bit more suited.


I have moved this to Room Acoustics, Audio & Video Calibration forum as I feel it is more appropriate.

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