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Hi all,

New to the forums, so apologies if this is on the wrong place!

TL;DR Is new A6A, new A4A, plus existing A3050, AS701, and Naim standalone the right approach to supply a rack-based 5.1.4 plus 9 stereo zone system, expanding in the next year or two to 5.1.4 plus 11 stereo zones plus 2 HDMI zone system? WAF is relevant.

I am planning a first home cinema build at the same time as a whole house rewire. I'm trying to wrap my head around my options to achieve the goals. At present I have at my disposal:
Yamaha RX A3050
Yamaha AS701
Naim NAC282 preamp with NAPSC
Naim NAP155XS poweramp
2x PMC 20.23 floorstanders
2x Prototype SM10 RED monitors from Derek at Custom Install Audio (need to be biamped)

Where I would like to get to eventually (and thus need to run conduit and cable now) is:
1x 5.1.2 or 5.1.4 Atmos cinema room
2x TV (HDMI) zones, both slim soundbar rather than speakers
7x indoor stereo zones (kitchen, bathrooms, dining room, etc.; all in wall or in ceiling speakers)
2x outdoor stereo zones (near patio, far patio)
2x garden room zones (office/listening room, darkroom)
Max distance for speaker cable from AV rack in cellar is ~15m
Max distance for HDMI from AV rack is ~7m
Source for all is NAS (various lossless and lossy formats) and WAN streaming

First active zones will be:
5.1.4 cinema room
5x stereo indoor zones
2x stereo outdoor zones
2x garden room zones

All others might follow at some indeterminate point in the future

A lengthy preamble, but where I need help right now is on how to deal with the zones! I would like to stay within Yamaha, as I've had good experiences (and my wife's approval) with the Musiccast system. I believe I need a new receiver in order to get Atmos - that will be a separate thread I suspect.

Assuming it's an A6A or A8A (not before December), am I right in assuming I could therefore supply:
5.1.4 (biamped fronts) plus 2 stereo zones from A6A
3 stereo zones from A3050
1 stereo zone from AS701
[6 of 9 stereo zones]
Garden listening room standalone/isolated Naim/PMC system
[7 of 9 stereo zones]

Finally, the question: do I add an A4A to the mix and call it a day? Or is there a more elegant/cost-efficieny solution than this accretion approach?

Thanks for reading, and in advance for any help!

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