Planet of the Apes 35th Anniversary? Which one?



CD-Wow have the R1 at £10.99, the R2 at £14.99 and the R3 at £8.99. It doesnt say the R3 is the 35th AE but am assuming it must be with 2 discs, DTS, lots of extras etc..

Looks like a no-brainer for the R3, but does anyone know whether there is any difference (dvdcompare.net doesn't have the UK R2 or R3 listed).

More specifically how much better is the picture over previous releases - I've got the R2 boxset, and would only really want the 35th AE if it boasted a superior picture.

The R1 review posted by THX suggests it's slightly better but does anyone else have a view?


MC Hammer

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Personally given a good R1 transfer against a good R2 transfer I would also choose R1.

In fairness I thought the R2 transfer one of the better I've seen on that region & in particular given it's age.
The new R1 is also an excellent transfer & given I prefer R1 I would say it's better.
A lot better ? No imo but glad I purchased.

DTS soundtrack did not add much compared to normal 5.1 but not really compared to R2.

Phil Hinton

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I have just recieved the R2 35th anniversary PR disc for review, look out for a comparison.
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