Planar PCT2785 Touch Sensitivity on Win8

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    I have a Planar PCT2785 Touch monitor running on Windows 8 via Bootcamp (Hardware is a new i5 Mac Mini).
    We have a film over the Planar, and as such need to increase it's sensitivity (Planar touch works great as designed, when covered with the film, you have to press so hard it feels like your going to break the screen, or your finger... Every time I have contacted Planar they say this is not possible to adjust sensitivity, only to calibrate touch points, and there are no Drivers for the PCT2785, it is a plug and play unit.
    Here's the thing. There is the Exact same setup that I have seen (the first prototype of what I am working on), and the Planar on that one works. And the person who got it working, claimed to have used some other driver or tool to adjust the sensitivity when they originally got it working a while back. This person is no longer on the project, so I absolutely do not have the ability to ask them for more details anymore unfortunately.
    I have tried 3 different Planar PCT2785's to see if it was a fluke that one worked, but that was not the case.
    Any information, idea's, guesses, etc would be appreciated. This has been driving me nuts trying to get working.

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