Placing AV equipment in a cupboard, wise?


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Hello people,
I'm trying to build a stealthy 7.1.4 home cinema set up. WIth speakers in walls (LCR) and an electric projector screen.

I'd like to keep it stealthy and happen to have a cupboard I can use to the left side of the screen in a wall (see images below). So ideally in teh front wall there will only be a sub in the corner, speakers in wall (painted grills) and an electric PJ screen.

Currently I need to place an AV reciever (Denon 6700) and an apple TV, but later I'm guessing a power amp, Nintendo Switch and a PS 5.

In terms of dimentions, It is 47cm wide and 60cm deep so can house an ATI 6002 (for example, the bigger piece of kit I have around).

I have a few questions:
1. Is this a wise move in general?

2. I'm thinking of placing the equipment 'backwards' so the connections face me for easy access to those - how big of an issue would it be in normal use? Remotes etc.

3. Is it ok to bunch cables together (same type)

Any advice is appreciated,
Thank you


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If you're going to shut the door then that is a big mistake. I have a X6500 and stereo amp in a cabinet bigger than that and as it has sliding doors they are left open when the amps are in operation. The heat build up in an enclosed would almost certainly lead to safety shutdowns.


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Thanks, yeah decided not to do it, will use an actual shelf in open air (bellow the screen) for now

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