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Sep 17, 2002
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Can anyone help ?I am currently using jpw rear surronds(mini monitors)but have alimited amount of space for placement.My sofa sits under the stairs so my rears are just either side of this and at about the same level..Because of the under stairs coming down i cant get the left any higher.should i perhaps lay them on their backs ?i have heard this is sometimes an option but one i would rather not do.apart from moving the whole room around(my wife would go mad)is there any else i can do.they are also right next to you in the seating position,so should they toe out or be facing each other across the back of the room.i would be most grateful for any help on this matter.
happy listening and watching.
Have you any room on the side walls? As this is another option.

Place them on the side walls just infront/just behind/level of the listening position facing inwards, mine are positioned just infront and I find it works really well. ;)
i'll second what Bob suggested.

I set my parents rear speakers up on the side wall facing the listen position, there sofa is right back against the wall. The sound is great with the speakers like this.
Side mounted speakers work well, in actual fact it's suggested by many that it may work better under certain conditions than actually having them directly behind you.

If you can, it's worth trying angle them (even just very slightly) backwards or, less effectively, forwards off the directly opposite/facing each other plane.

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