Question Placement of front Atmos Speakers

mr starface

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Now I have a 4k amp have splurged on some Onkyo atmos speakers to add to my 5.1 setup.

Initially though I would sit them ontop of my existing front speakers as guides recommend but now realise this was a stupid idea as my speakers are quite small (Jamo 105's) as per attached picture.

Putting them on the wall will not go down well with my OH....could I place them behind the TV facing up or is that a waste of time? I might be able to get away with putting a shelf behind the TV near the top but still in essence "hidden" - again would this be any different?



If you place them behind your TV then they will be too close together and they would need to be placed high enough to get a clear line of sight to the ceiling. As close as possible to your fronts is the best option, perhaps on a nice shelf.

mr starface

Prominent Member
Thought that might be the case in which case might have to give up and return them as getting clearance for shelving is unlikely!

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