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pl2 error on panny scht900

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by daviedee, Nov 15, 2003.

  1. daviedee


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    Hi all, i got my new system last week, very good looking and sounds the dogs ********.... the problem or maybe not a problem is when watching some movies the player will display digital input for the sound but when i press pl2 an error message is displayed... is this normal? does it mean the disc cant be played in pl2 or is the machine knackered? the dvds i tried ae all recent ones eg 2fast 2furious (rubbish) and starwarsII.
    getting annoyed as tv was due to be hear on thursday, the van turned up in the morning and sat outside for 5 min, when i went out the driver said he has my paperwork but no tv!! after phoning the company involved they said it was stolen (likely story) and they wont have any for 2 weeks now...... why cant retailers be honest with us and stop trying to pull the wool over the costomers eyes!!! the company was soundandvisiononline if ur interested.... GGGRRRR
  2. bonzobanana

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    Aug 21, 2001
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    Dolby Prologic II is for getting matrixed 5.1 sound out of 2 channel sources mainly. It can't do anything with dolby digital or dts soundtracks that already have 5.1 seperate distinct channels. However there may be some confusion in that you have got it to work on some dolby digital soundtracks and not others. These would be 4.1 channel soundtracks. For example a film like 'Enemy Mine' has 4.1 distinct tracks. The original Dolby Surround track is been unmatrixed professionally into 4.1 distinct channels with the rear speakers both playing the same sound. On my samsung I can apply prologic II to this to give me stereo rear channels which is a small improvement.

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