PJTX200 720p horizontal panning bug...


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Has anyone experienced any kind of artefacts when there is a slow pan on 720p. Does not happen on 1080i.
Its difficult to explain but when the camera slowly pans there is a jitteriness or wavyness and sometimes a line accross the screen. It only happens on 780p. I read about this on a technical review after some research. I have tried another upscaling player and another lead and this has not helped....
Add this to a blue blob and vertical banding (the latter not being a fault) I will be send ing the unit back and wishing Id bought a 42" plasma.

Anyone had a similar experience?


One vote for no problems with mine :)



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I don't see that problem either.


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I have an oppo dvd player. First I changed to a more expensive hdmi to dvi lead - no difference. Then I tried a panasonic dvd-s52 and no difference....

I think it happens on all progressive settings (480p, 720p etc....)
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