PJTX200 1080p!


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The PJTX200 can only produce an max image quality of 1080i. :confused:

I set my Xbox 360 to 1080p running via component and its accepted the image quality on my projector as 1080p without any errors or problems.

And I do notice the difference in quality. Obviously from 720p or am I just seeing things:eek:

I know there's been an update on the X360 for this but.


Sure, I can send my TX200 a resolution of 1080p sometimes and it's fine. It should good because you are downscaling to 702p and that is usually not a bad process.
Interesting. I've just tried setting my PS3 to 1080p and it does work. I would prefer to keep it at 1080p for movies but i also use my LCD tv for playing games and it won't display a pic at all unless i switch back to 1080i before turn of my

My PS3 is connected to a Gefen HDMI splitter, from there one cable to LCD tv and the other to TX200.

I was hoping to my tv would automaticaly go back to 1080i but i had to hold the standby button on the PS3 for 5 seconds to reset resolution.

1080p does look better.


I'm surprised that you guys are surprised that the TX200 takes 1080p. I fed my TX100 a res of 1080p a couple of years ago. All projectors can downscale. It's no big deal. They have been spec'd that way.


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I have recently bought a PJTX200 and have just rigged up my XBox360 to it via the official VGA cable. With it set to 1280 x 720 the picture when watching DVD's isn't very sharp. What settings do PJTX200 and 360 owners have theirs on?

Should I go back to Component? Always thought component wouldn't upscale.

Which is better VGA or Component?

Cheers for any advice.

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Deleted as I must have misread the above question... :D

Bald Monkey

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I use VGA, but this is simply to suit my particular setup. :D

Ignoring certain screens etc that are better with one input over another, the only noticable difference between VGA and Component should be, as you say, that VGA will allow upscaled SD DVD from the 360.

However if the 200 is the same as the 300 it will not accept 1080P via VGA. Although I doubt you'd want to upscale to 1080 only to downscale to 720 again. ;)

I use VGA from 360 and HD addon, at 720 and it looks great, both games and HD-DVD's.

SD DVD's from denon via HDMI at either 720p or 1080i also look great! Although in my case I found 720p gave a better overall image..

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