PJ-TX200 comparisons???


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Given that the PJ-TX200 can be picked up for a good few hundred £££ less than the Z4 or AE900 from one of the forum sponsors, I find this a really tempting PJ, but there don't seem to be any direct comparisons between the new breed of PJs available yet. Has anyone compared the PJ-TX200 with either the Z4 or AE900? I don't mean using a spec sheet, but actual side by side comparison? :lease:


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The TX100 was similarly cheaper (2 or 3 hundred pounds actually) vs the 700/Z3 and if anything is rated better in side-by-side comparisons. It would take Hitachi to drop a clanger for the TX200 to be put in the shade by its peers...

I'm hoping to get over to Benji's in the next week or so hence I may be able to pass on my unbiased opinion... :D


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just had a demo of the new hitachi tx200 projector and I had a play with it on my own for 1 hour so here it is.

I Thought the picture was exellent very rich and bright there are many settings on this projector but i also found that the picture was very soft and i had to put it to max 7 setting on sharpness it could have done with abit more level settings as you could not go higher and the best i could get with the settings where 7 as its the highest setting.

The projector was in a controled dark room with black walls, Iris set to 4 or 5 and auto iris set to auto 1 contrast set to about 75%.

I tried iris 3, 2 ,1 but this made the picture way way to dark and took the punch out of the picture, setting the auto iris to off the blacks where no good at all and was pointless. Setting the auto iris to setting 2 again to dark killed the picture so the best setting i could get from it with high brightness and best blacks was iris set to 5 and auto iris set to auto 1.

Now i have to say this is the first projector i have seen with auto iris and it was terrible the picture flickering and the iris was just not fast enough to change it was jumping up and down it was like watching a macrovision protected film going dark to light this happend even in light scences

I know many people say you can spot this but it was abit of a joke i would put it up there with rainbow effect that you get on a dlp just teriible

i know people have said the panasonic 900 you can not see this happening becasue the iris is super fast i dont know as i have not seen one yet but i hope it is becasue theres no way i`ll get a projector if thay all do this.

I have to say if it was not for the iris jumpimg all over the shop i would have bought it stight away becasue the picture was stunning but the slow speed of the iris made it just as bad as rainbow on dlps and i thought i hope this is not on all projectors or i will be waiting along time for a new prtojector.

picture exellent
blacks exellent with iris on
settings full rate alot of settings
iris terible way way to slow and even in light scences it adjusts and you can still see it

hope to see the Hs60 but even then thay say that needs a faster iris to and for the panasonic thay say its the fastest and you can not see the change at all

i have had many projectors this is one of the best blacks i have seen on a projector but the iris is just to slow and turning it off is no good

so i`ll have to see it first


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:rolleyes: :( Oh b*ll*cks !! That is my major concern with the latest generation of LCD pjs. I want BOTH ~ a sharp picture and an unobtrusive iris ~ and was hoping Hitachi had achieved it with the TX200.
Meridius, where did you demo the Hitachi ? Discount Electrical ?
Maybe I should wait and demo the HS60, when it arrives next month.
Here's hoping !
Rob. :cool:


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Thanks for the review Meridius.

It does seem that marketing departments have once again been allowed to effectively dictate the technologies used in the latest round of LCD PJs - "We NEED to be able to market our model as having the highest contast ratio", the dynamic iris is the result...

I'm starting to think that bang for buck I'm probably best either:
a) sticking with my AE100
b) buying a Z3 from Japan off EBay
c) persuading a mate that he really does want to upgrade his Z3 and getting his cheap :)


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I went to global hi-fi at newcastle, I had a quick demo on friday and was so impressed i went to lend it for the weekend but i thought i would test it once more on saturday just to make sure i was not wasting my time.

I was happy that i did as the iris was shocking theres no way i could watch that it was pulsing all the time even if the scene was bright you could see it adjusting all the time on movement of frames, also dont even get me started on subtitles it was even worse all over the shop lol it totaly let the projector down

I have not seen other projectors with the iris but i have read alot and even the new sony hs60 is not up to it the only projector i have read that is the best and fastest iris control is the panasonic 900.

The new sony ruby is out soon its alot of cash but would like to see it as its 15000:1 contrast and thay say if sony only need to tweak the iris a littile and it will be exellent

but like i said the hitachi is just no good and even if you turn the iris off the whole black dark contrast just goes out the window


gingercat said:
I'm starting to think that bang for buck I'm probably best either:

b) buying a Z3 from Japan off EBay
Could you let me see a link for this option?


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None on EBay at the moment, but you get a couple a week I think for about £800 + £60 postage, can't remember if this includes import duty etc.

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