PJ Screen Recommendations?



Hi guys

Having a little trouble on finding a good priced screen - im new to this game and unsure what brands are the ones to go for - i hink i need a 16:9 7ft screen as i would lilke an 84" wide image?

Not too worried about electric/remote - just a good quality manual will do the trick.

Can anybody recommend a screen/website for this?

Also, do you recommend buying the PJ before the screen?

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I bought the Luma Draper Manual screen, though its the 69" variant.

From what i picked up on here make sure you get a screen that has the nice thick black borders, it does seem to make the picture stand out more, and give a nice crisp outline to the picture.

I bought my PJ weeks before the screen. Infact was using a Dry Wipe Board work loaned me, yep it was big lol. But the glare was :eek:. Realy pleased with my screen and it suited more because my install was not against a wall but infact across the corner of the room and the Luma can be installed "suspended" ;) Think i paid 130 quid inc del for the 69" version.

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