pj screen advice please


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I am looking to buy a motorised 16:9 projector screen and I wonder if I can get some advice from you guys.

I will be using an LCD projector (if that makes any difference)

I want about 80 to 90 inches wide

I cannot mount the screen housing in the ceiling, so I would like it to be as low profile as possible

Can I have recommendations please on both make and supplier?

PS I would like the screen to be automatic. i.e. I would like it to go down when the projector is turned on and up when the projector is turned off. Do I need to look for anything special to achieve this? Or would I be better off with a screen that accepts IR? I have a pronto learning remote. (however seeing costs of an extra £250 to add remote control seemed OTT!) What about fixing at which point the screen is considered fully extended? Is this a standard feature of all screens?
PPS I have seen some tensioned screens. I presume this is to stop them wrinkling. First of all, do they work? Secondly, are they necessary?!


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Hi I have just taken receipt of a slimline240 from DRH Screens


this had the smallest profile of all the ones I looked at 6 x 6 cm.

They sell a remote control [RF] for £99.00

Screens 173 x 81 = 352 delivered rising to £442 for their 231 x 130.

The amount of extention is adjustable on a microswitch and is fixed at whatever you set it at

I am pleased with my screen



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Matt 4 me

Hi, I took the Matt. I already have two manual screens, [4:3 & 16:9] one high gain & one matt. Tbh I have never really seen any major gain [no pun intended]. I have been happy with the Matt. I guess as projector brightness has improved and my sitting position is direct on, it has not been too much of an issue for me

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