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PJ Placement advice pls - old cinema style


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Hi Folks

Just wondered if anyone has used their pj or are using their pj in this placement. Im gonna move my pj into the room behind our viewing room which happens to be a store cupboard.

I will cut a tapered hole in the wall, so if 2 people are sitting next to each other the lamp light will project from between us above head hight at 6"-12" (inches). Due to hight restrictions any higher is not an option.

My real query is will the light be a distraction at such close proximtry to our heads/eyes (whilst shinning directly above us and between us)??

And any other tips before I go ahead and install would be appreciated.



Peter Parker

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I would think the only problem may be when you stand up in front of the projected beam, but otherwise I would think that the noise from the pj would be a lot more muted than if it was in the same room with you.

The only problem I can think of is if the pj has a front firing vent that may bounce of the wall in front of it and end up being drawn back into the pj, causing it to over heat perhaps.

I know someone who used to do that with a Sim2 projector, and it worked very well from what I rememember.



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Hi Gary

Thanks for the reply. Funny you should say that as it is a Domino 30H!
I pretty much plant myself down when watching a movie so if i was going to move about id probably pause the movie first.

I was just a little concerned that the lamp light might seem bright between us, say if i were to look through its path! Am I starting to sound a bit crazy yet :D



Didn't want to start hacking away at walls only to be annoyed with the end result......


Cool-hand said:
I was just a little concerned that the lamp light might seem bright between us, say if i were to look through its path!
The only way you should see the projected light is if it's reflected off something - dust/smoke or whatever. That's why rock bands use smoke when they want to show laser effects for instance. Light passing through clean air is to all intents and purposes invisible.

Hopefully, in your room, the only thing the light will reflect off will be your screen! :clap:


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Oh yeah! Quite logical when you think about it:rolleyes: thanks Kadders.

Im used to placement always being high level but though Id try and tidy up the room abit and put Kef CI's in the ceiling to. May post pics when all done.

Thanks for the advice chaps.


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