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    Hi all,

    I have a SharpVision XG3800E which I bought for $1000AUD with a new globe, so I guess it's not too bad. Basically my first projector so wanted to get in as cheap as possible. The picture is actually fairly good when I compare it against new PJs in audio/visual stores (4X price) so I can't complain. It allows for inverting the image so I can mount it to the roof which I plan to do. The remote has zoom and focus as well so here is my question....

    Is it better to mount closer to screen (wall). and zoom OUT maximum, or mount further from the screen and zoom IN maximum? I would have thought the closer to the screen the better (brightness, color, etc) and zoom out maximum until the desired size. I mean exaggerate the situtation. If the PJ was, say, 50 feet from the screen you would lose a lot of color and brightness..correct? Yet imagine the PJ 1 foot from the wall... Am I missing something here, or does the 1 or 2 foot difference do little anyway............

    Appreciate some feedback, and also if people have any further info on the Sharp XG3800 PJ....thanks :rolleyes:
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    Jun 14, 2002
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    I would have thought it would be best to move the projector as far away as possible and zoom the picture smaller, as this would reduce screen door effect


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