pj connections

ok im new to all the projector stuff. Ive got a Optoma 700x on delievery and was wondering how the sound would be connected etc? Through Xbox etc as it will be HDMI or composit cable. wasent sure on how the sound would be connected?

Is there connections from the PJ to a surround sound system?

any information would be great


sorry but theres not any sound output connections on the projector. you need to run sound to a receiver/amp system straight from the source.
So your saying connect using the Composite Green,Blue,red to the projector and then use an composite extention kit for the audio cables to speaker system?

or is there a better opition for me?


best option would be hdmi and second would be digital optical/coaxial.

the wiring you refer to is component and can work in the way you mentioned but would only provide 2 channel stereo.

how you connect is dependant on your sources and the input connections on your surround sound system.
Yeah i can see an optical audio port on the back of the xbox, But intill I can purchase a reciever that can hand it, then 2 channel will have to do.

As long as its doable

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