PJ and LCD in different areas - how to route the audio?


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Bit of a newbie question, and I'm hoping for a bit of inspiration. I'm all set to buy a PJ for Chrimbo and was happy with what I was doing. My LCD, Sky, HTPC and amp are all in an alcove (A). The PJ (B) is going to project an image perpendicular to this so the picture will be at (C).


Its just clicked that the 5.1 speakers are going to be in the wrong place for the PJ. Short of sacrificing the speakers for the PJ and only using the LCD speakers when watching the telly, or buying another amp and speakers and splitting the audio from the sources is there any way around this?


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Is the projecter and LCD going to be in the same room?

I thought Multitroom was to enable playing a different input source in a different room.

If you use multiroom in the same room does that mean you need more speakers on the wall?

Sorry am a noob myself and am thinking something similar but have just decided to reposition the speakers to suit the projector.


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They'll both be in the same room. If I have to I'll reposition the speakers, but then I'll have to rely on the inbuilt speakers in the LCD when I'm not using the PJ.

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