PixelPlus ideal settings?


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Philips 32PW9617
Very happy with until connected NOKIA 221T freeview digibox at wkend. Image is quite pixelated (looks like a bad jpeg) especially noticable around on-screen logos and text. It's connected via good quality scart cable using RGB input.

Reading other threads it may be a problem with pixelplus processing. I know prob can be improved by running with just 100mhz, but I don't really want to have to adjust every time I change from DVD or PS2 to Digibox.

Does anybody have a list of settings that's acceptable across all formats?

Sharpness : 3
Col enhan: on
Digi opt: Pixelplus
Dyn contrast: med
DNR: med
Active control: med



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Obviously, you'll always get some pixellation with DVB as it's all MPEG compressed at a bitrate chosen by the broadcaster.

As long as you are more than 2m from the screen the picture should look reasonable.

TV Settings are usually a matter of personal choice; but after extensive tweaking and calibration with Ultimate DVD and THX setup I've ended up with the following (approximate) values.

Contrast: 50%
Brightness: 33%
Colour: 50%
Sharpness: 2 steps above zero
Colour Enhancement: On
Tint: Warm
Digital Options: Pixel+
Dynamic Contrast: Off
DNR: Off
Active Control: Off

The picture will seem dark at first, but try it for a while and you'll appreciate the more accurate colour and improved detail.

With very poor quality broadcasts you may need to switch to 100Hz or Double Lines mode.

Hope this helps ;)


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I can confirm setting as previously posted do improve the picture somewhat, but still get pixellating and shimmering and cannot do anything to get rid (see my previous post on this).

I also found that connecting my digibox to Ext 1 and my DVD to Ext 2 significantly improved the picture, although I understand (I think) that I've now lost my super duper sound capabilities from my DVD (optical cable?)
Don't understand all this HiFi stuff, but have learnt a lot from this forum in the couple of weeks I've been visiting.
Thanks to all those who've taken the time and trouble to reply to my queries regarding this set.
By the way, have issued my court proceedings to Comet..will keep you all posted on how I get on.


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Thanks for the advice

Am I correct in thinking that you can't save various different settings (only able to edit 'Personal')

Also, I read on another post that reception was improved by using a high quality gold plated coax cable from wall socket to digibox. Do you think that may help??

Interesting what you said re-swapping ext1 & 2, may try that for an experiment.

Is this pixelisation a common problem with all digital broadcasts including sky digital and cable?


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