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PixelMagic & Homeplug problem


Distinguished Member
I have purchased a 200mbps homeplug (Devolo).

My dvd collection is on a terastation. The problem is I cant play any of the dvds on the mediabox if I use the homeplug. They just jerk all over the place.

But I can use the homeplug to play the same dvd on my laptop.

Can anyone please help?

Peter Galbavy

I have found problems using SMB in general (over wired links) with the MB200.

Have you tried / can you try NFS ? Works better for me - again only on a normal network.


Standard Member
Hi Tigermad...

Well this things (homeplug, net devices over power) are so pratical and useful specially when you don't have a intaled home network.
I have a PixelMagic MB200 connect to a NAS storage (Thecus 5200) using a pair of Netgear HDX101s wich they call them "Powerline HD ethernet-200". So they allow full duplex of 100bps. Welll this is teory, but the only problem with those are "heavy and fat" bitrate 1080P films. :rolleyes:
All the DVDs i have , play nicely and smoothly.
See if you have any appliance near to the plug where you connect yours homeplugs, that could enduce noise in the powerline, and mostly important, if you've connect yours directly at the wall plug and not to a power strip or something like that. :nono:
This things work very nice connected directly to the wall plug.
See also, if in the setup utility that you've have instaled on your pc to configure the devolos, you'll find an option related to the compatibility of older versions of DLan.
If you have that option selected, please delesect it, cause these things work better without compability of old implementatios of homeplug.

Have fun :thumbsup:

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