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Pixelated Playback

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Recently a few of my recording are "pixelating" on playback and disrupting viewing. It doesn't happen on all recordings, so I am yet to establish a pattern.

Has anyone else had this problem with their Sky+ and if so how did you fix it.

Many Thanks.:confused:


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I have been having this same problem over the last few days ?

I can not workout why it is happing as some recordings are ok, I have had a few that when I watch them earlier in the day they are ok but then when I try to continue it at a later date the picture is all broken up.

All I can think it that the recording is being corrupted by something as at first I thought that HDD was maybe failing but I can record and live pause with no problems.

I have a v1 box and I have a UPS on the sky+ so it should not be anything to do with power problems, does anyone know if there has been a software update in the last few days or anything else that could be causing this as the fact that two of us seem to have the same problem at the same time make a hardware issue less likely.

I have not found anyway to repairing a recording after it has been corrupted but it does jump around the time line a bit suggesting that it maybe the TOC on the recording that is corrupted not the actual video.



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Eureka I think I have cracked it !

This problem was slowly happing to all the recording I had, so I had enough I did a full software update, this normally wipes all your recordings but if you can not see them it’s no loss.

This is how to do it, if you don’t know.

(1) Put box into Standby;
(2) Remove the viewing card**
(3) Press and hold the Back-up button on the Digibox (not the remote control);
(4) Whilst holding the Back-up Button, switch off the power to the box at the mains - either with the switch on the socket or by removing the plug;
(5) Count to ten slowly;
(6) Keep pressing that Back-up button and put the power back on to the box;
(7) When all four lights appear on the Digibox, release the Back-up button (if your Digibox is connected by scart, there will be a message on the screen stating an update is taking place and that it can take 10 minutes (but it can take longer);
(8) Replace the viewing card

**You can leave the card in if you want, but I took it out and gave it a wipe for luck.

After the 10 min wait, I looked to see if I would have to add all of my programs again but as luck would have it, they are all still there and to top that all the corrupted recordings now work !!!

I don’t think the updated software is different to the version I had all I can think is the recording and playback part of it must have become corrupted, they are little PCs after all and we all know how often PCs like to mess up.

I hope this will fix the issue you are having graeme.as.miller and let’s hope the fix lasts.


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