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Ive sold my 36in pixel+ with 5.1 surround sound, but the person ive sold it to cant get the sound to go down, he has sky and dvd player connected by scart he , it goes down to a certain level but not silent. It was working perfectly yesterday when i sold it, im trying to explain to him over the phone he lives about 30 miles away. Please help someone


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If the problem is only from sky perhaps he could adjust the volume on the skybox. I know that skyboxes often exceeed line level output to give a volume control up/down option on the sky remote. Basically the default volume setting on a sky box is line level which is something like 70% volume. If you run it at 100% volume you are exceeding line level and therefore perhaps the tv doesn't fully mute this sound. If the problem is the same with dvd player input and it doesn't have a volume option on the remote then I guess the fault lies with the Philips. Again though some dvd players have volume control butotns on the remote and these control the output levle of volume at the back. Again 70% would probably be line level standard. If the problem is on normal tv channels received on the philips own tv tuner then its definitely an issue with the tv.
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