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Pixel Precise HD vs P5 for motion smoothness


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Is there any difference between the two currently available processors, Pixel Precise HD and P5, in terms of motion smoothness (not talking about image quality)?

Does P5 do a better job removing judder whilst producing as few artifacts as possible? I currently own a Philips TV set with Perfect Natural Motion (42pfl6067, 2012) and, when set to maximum smoothness, the result is quite good already.

I am hesitating between a 7x03 model (P5 engine) or a 5xx3/6xx3 (with Pixel Precise). I do not want to sacrifice motion smoothness, which is a key feature for me. All other features, without exception, are secondary. P5 is not cheap so I would like some advice.

Thank you and happy new year!


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Your model is a 100(120) Hz native tv whereas the options above aren't. This would be a bigger difference than the one between a P5 and Pixe Precise ...

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