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Jul 19, 2002
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Sorry if it seems like a stupid question to the more clued up, but I'm still a newbie to a lot of this...
Which is the better option to go for, a Philips Pixel+ or Toshiba's Progressive Scan from the Strata range?
Does the PS work on all sources, or just the enabled DVD equipment?
Which provides the best picture?

I know that the DAV550 has progressive scan capabilities, but will it work with PAL or R2 sources combined with the Tosh?

PS will only work on your DVDs. Pixel plus works on eveything. PS though does not suffer from digital artefacts which are present on PP. PP does work well on DVDs.

You have to decide which is your preference. If you watch a lot of broadcast material and DVDs, go for pixel plus. If you watch predominantly DVDs then go for PS, but in that case I'd go the extra mile and buy a plasma which will be better than any CRT with DVDs.
Thanks for the advice philipb, but I understand that viewing of broadcast material (in my case Sky digital) would require turning off PP due to the artefacts... is this the case, or can fine tuning of the other settings improve the situation. Does PP have artefacts on DVD?

If you watch predominantly DVDs then go for PS

Does this mean that PS gives a better picture on DVD?

go the extra mile and buy a plasma

If only...:)
Does this mean that PS gives a better picture on DVD?

In purest terms, yes as the entire frame is displayed in a single scan, i.e. no interlacing. However many people will find that the flicker is annoying despite it being non-interlaced, remember it is only 50Hz.

The other thing to consider is that at the moment, the best PS TVs can only handle NTSC progressive scan (the PAL std has yet to be ratified) The ne Panasonic is apparently able to do both but has received poor reports.

I hardly ever have to turn off Pixel+, DVDs are on the whole immacculate with only the occassional "halo" effect caused by Digital Natural Motion (when in Pixel+ Mode)

All things considered, if you cannot afford a plasma screen then IMHO, a Pixel+ set is the way to go. It gives you a fantastic flicker free picture from all sources and of course, you can revert to pure 100Hz or Double Lines (50Hz Internal Progressive) modes if digital artefacts from poor feeds prove unbearable.

(Thought you were ordering a Pixel+ from John Lewis??)
I have no vested interest in these sets
but if I was in the market for one, the Strata would get my Vote, the Pixel Plus model is just too Pixelated for my taste

some programs look awesome on the Philips but sport Looks dreadful
where the Tosh Looks about as good as it gets at the moment

Tosh 1
Philips 0
hi rct,
still waiting on JL (in stock in 2 weeks...got a phone call yesterday) and the Strata has caught my eye in the meantime. These things happen when you're without a decent tv for prolonged periods. That and spending too much time on the pc.
I can still change my mind (no payment yet) and the Tosh has had a lot of praise so I've been looking into it. (good prices too)
My order with JL still stands at the moment, but opinions can change rapidly whilst viewing this forum...

Party Animal, when you say sport look awful, is that in all modes the Philips has or just P+?
Personally I haven't had too many problems with sport. The footy is usually great. I have switched to 100Hz when watching the US Open tennis (a poor NTSC-->PAL conversion on the fly) sometimes. This cures the probs with rapid movement.

Party animal... how close were you to the TV when watching sport??

All large screens will make a poor digital source look blocky.
Its only the footy that counts with me. Looks like a 2 week wait then, oh well back to Warcraft3.:)
I had a few Demo.s of the Piel plus models when they first went on sale, as their was quite some exitement about this technology

and on the various sets I roadtested studio footage Looked as good as any TV I have seen.

how-ever switching to Golf the picture quality took a huge nosedive, Lots of artefacts and the so called (Halo Effect) was clearly visible

A lot of the artefacts I guess is the 100hz factor, but having seen the Tosh Strata in my opinion it is the overall winner

the Philips Picture is too Processed for my Liking, take a good Look in any Showroom and you cant miss the (Processed Look)

I think the new JVC version of High Definition should be hitting the stores pretty soon, If I remember its a 32" model with HD somewhere in the model number.
I have the tosh strata 36z29b and i can honestly say when watching ntsc dvds in prog scan you can not notice the flicker and the picture quality is just awesome it totally blows pixel plus out of the water (IMHO) even region two using interlaced look stunning :eek:)
Originally posted by philipb
PS will only work on your DVDs. Pixel plus works on eveything.

This is not right. PS gets done internally in PS TVs and gets applied to all sources inc DVD. What PS DVD players do is do the PS in the DVD player and bypass the poorer electronics in the TV for better picture performance. They are identical to pixel plus in this respect but have the advantage of being able to bypass it. PS is a standard, pixel plus is a 'philips special', not supported by anyone else.

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