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Jan 22, 2004
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I have a Philips 32" 9528 P+. When I switch it to double lines, the picture flickers noticeably. (I'm not sensitive to 50Hz flicker) This is the 2nd set I have had, the previous returned due to poor geometry. I don't recall noticing the flicker on my previous 9528, although I hadn't used it much as I only had the set a couple of weeks. I do recall checking double lines mode whilst watching part of a football match and I thought the quality was good, not that much different from the pixel plus mode, but the movement of the ball looked more natural. I am assuming this new one is faulty and intend reporting it, but I read another thread today( 50Hz) and someone mentioned the same flickering with double lines mode.

Can other P+ owners help me. Is the flickering in double lines mode normal. I've only had the replacement set a week. Lastly can anyone explain what double lines does. The manual doesn't give a lot of information.

I've got a 9308 here and can confirm that double lines flickers noticibly. Actually, it does seem to flicker more than the 50Hz Pana I had previously. As for what it does I'm not too sure. Quality wise I'm a big advocate of Pixel Plus and perhap double lines adds some sort of progressive scan to a PAL signal (please don't quote me on that..:p).

Maybe someone who is more knowledgable can explain.
I'm pretty sure it's supposed to flicker. All the TV's at work do if i switch double lines on.

I think double lines is just that. Double the amount of lines. The information inbetween each original line is interpolated and filled into the new lines.

Hi Peter Fugaccia,

I can confirm that the " Double line" mode does flicker a lot on the 9528. All the sets I've had (3) did the same. I've just sent mine back after reading that the new P+ is due out in April so I've just rented a 50Hz Sony LS35 for a couple of months and I'll see what happens with Philips. At least this way I gone back to give 50Hz a go. I'm sure about the Sony thought but its all they had. I'm actually sitting here waiting for it to be delivered right now.

By the way, if the hallo effect starts to get on your nerves set the TV to double lines and it will get rid of it but then you have the flicker.

i had a 9308, in double lines mode, it flikered really badly and gave me eye strain.

is this a generic fault with P+ sets?
Thanks for information,

I now wish I hadn't said I'm not sensitive to 50Hz flicker. My previous TV until early this year was a 50HZ Panasonic, and I honestly didn't notice flicker. I then read the a review of the 32PW9617 by Hi-FICHOICE (www.hifichoice.co.uk) found on the Internet and they described -

100HZ/Digital scan - " which steadies the onscreen images via field and flicker line reduction"

"Next up is double lines, which as you have surmised, doubles the vertical line resolution. This sharpens up the on-screen image and adds details, but has no 100Hz flicker reduction or digital scan."

Pixel Plus which includes digital scan is also described.

After this, I checked my other set, a Mitsubishi 50Hz, I haven't watched in months and I did notice the flicker, I watched for a while and seemed to get used to it. I then immediately tried double lines on my Philips and the fllcker seemed much less and improved the more I watched.

I can only assume you do get used to 100HZ and flicker reduction technology and when you immediately switch to double lines it may take time to get used to, which may be a problem using this mode.

Interesting to hear how Bazza gets on going back to 50Hz.

Well, I did go back to a 50Hz set and its not how I remember them to be. I think, like you said, you get used to 100Hz. The set is a Sony KV32LS35 and it flickers like hell, not as bad as the double line on the Philips but it does flicker. The other things I've noticed is its not as clear a picture and to me looks a bit blurred but the colours are nice and natural. The RGB for my Sky is rubbish and I have to use composite to get a decent picture. A couple of things that really surprised me thought was the amount of digital processing you can see on Sky and the apparent plastic looking faces still on some terrestrial and Sky. So, all in all would I go back to 100Hz and I think the answer is yes. I know the Philips P+ has its funny moments but compared to what I have rented its miles apart. Last night I tried to compare a lot of the programmes I've seen on Sky and terrestrial and make some comparisons between the 50Hz Sony and the 100Hz P+ and although some programmes looked descent on the Sony it just seemed to have something missing in relationship, and I think it was sharpness. Yes the colours are nice and natural on the Sony but like I said it all looked a little blurred.
Well, I'll have the Sony on rent until I can find out more about the New Philips and then take it from there.


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