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Nov 27, 2002
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here we go again LOL
as many of you know from a while back I had the update done on my p+ tv,
all has not been to bad untill now,
does ANYONE with any model pixel+ TV get a kind of double image...I will try and explain..on some movies etc etc on sky or normal TV, Rf or Scart, if say you get a close up of a face, and the face turns to the side, its as if there is another layer which follows on, only a split second, it as if the image is dragging, also, as we know the picture is better with out using the active control switched on as it makes the picture crap, but now if I turn it on, it makes the picture better LOLOLOLOLOL:D
dunno whats happening, I dont get the drag effect as hardly at all with it on, any ideas would as usual be great.

I have a 9528 which has, I believe they are now calling version 1.5 pixel plus. I very occasionally do see the effect you describe. Is this not what is called the halo effect. I think one of the reasons for the v1.5 update was to reduce this effect.

My manual mentions the halo effect and recommends the movie plus mode (new to v1.5) if the halo effect disturbs you. I always use the movie plus mode. The magazine reviews also mention the halo effect.

I have my active control set at medium as I felt it did improve the picture.
no its not the halo effect, its as if the motion comensation can not keep up it is more of a smearing on flesh.
If Natural Motion can't track motion, it reverts to simply interpolating or repeating neighboring fields/frames. I can imagine that becoming especially apparent in Pixel Plus because of its 75Hz scan rate, but I think it is common to all Natural Motion sets and sets from other brands using motion compensation as well.

A good test someone pointed out once is a scene from the R2 A.I. DVD, where Gigolo Joe enters the hotel lobby and the camera makes a quick pan. On at least pre-Pixel Plus sets with Natural Motion, the picture breaks up completely because the panning is too fast, and the references for motion too few for the Natural Motion processor to work.

From what I understand, Pixel Plus sets use the same Natural Motion processor as earlier sets (the second generation FALCONIC) and upconverts the picture to either 100 or 60 motions/sec, and the Pixel Plus processor (Eagle) then scales up and in the case of 100Hz, interpolates the picture down to 75Hz interlaced. I don't know how it differs in Pixel Plus '1.5' or Pixel Plus 2 sets.

I hope it differs a lot, because previously, horizontal scaling and super zoom were done before motion estimation and compensation, meaning that the quality of Natural Motion varied greatly depending on the selected aspect ratio.
it only seems to show on certain movies on sky, doesnt matter what channel it is, if say you watch coronation street ( which I dont LOL) its sharp or a recent movie, but if the movie is a couple of years old you tend to get the smearing a lot.

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