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My wife complained about too perfect picture on Philips 36PW9527. Yesterday we upgraded from Sony25" to Philips..
I kind of understand her.. You can drop picture quality by setting PP off and to 100MHz, even to flickerin double line mode.. If You want to..
I just love PP pic ! Yes, and she also noticed fishbowl effect (on BBC news ticker tape..).. Well.. What's perfect anyway...
Then I opened a bottle of good redwine and plyed her favourite movie...

ps. PP sometimes creates almost 3D like views. It somehow increases depth.
To add to core's positive comments, i thought id share my own experiences with the P+

I got my 36"P+ on saturday (1 week ago) after sending my sony back with scrolling bars. I have to say, barring the scrolling bars i was very impressed by the sony and i was worried that i'd be down grading in terms picture quality. Especailly considering the philips is 36" and the sony was 32"

Well my fears turned out to be unfounded. My new philips P+ has the best picture i ever seen on tv. Images look so clear you think youre looking thru a window(a very clean one!!), often people in dvds look like they are there..in my room!

IMO Sonys DRC-MF is great, it makes low quality broadcasts look good, but it never made me stare, slack jawed, at a DVD image. However, the Pixel Plus has left me staring in amazement several times this week. I am very very happy.

The P+ is very good, although it does have a couple of minor artefacts that the sony didnt have. But overall, i would say that the P+ image quality is far superior to my old sony. (even tho its a size larger)

The 36PW9607 is an excellent 36" TV, and probably the best scart only equipped TV for DVD viewing i have ever viewed.

In the past few months ive tried these sets;
28" Panasonic PL1
28" Panasonic PB50
32" Toshiba Picture Frame
32" Sony DX100
36" Philips Pixel Plus.
bigfatlad can you get this set in nicam as i have my own amp

Im probably wrong, as im going from memory, but isnt the 36PW9527 that core has, the P+ with only nicam?

I would have prefered a nicam set myself as i too have an AV amp, but alas John Lewis didnt have one.
Sound tech is still quite impressive, just "only" nicam..
I have to watch some terrestial programs, that can't get via SAT with TV sound.. 3D virtual surround and some self made settings to equalizer.. Not quite the same as Sony AV-amplifier and 6.1 Jamo concert series speakers around.
CORE is this the same tv as BIGFATLAD only nicam because if my tosh 36zd26 problems are still there when i get the replacement i might go & look at this tv as a replacement.

as im sure youre coming to realise, all TVs have problems, especially the bigger ones.

The P+ is no exception to this. From what i can see its just a matter of finding a set with hidden features you can live with. Compared to my old sony the P+ also has image artefacting its just the artefacts are different.

Of all the TVs ive tested the sony had the most artefact free image (bar scrolling bars...hehe) but the sonys image just wasnt as detailed, sharp, bright or basically as jaw dropping as the P+.

I suppose what im trying to say is the P+ isnt the holy grail of tvs, if youre picky then you may well end up returning the P+.

As a newby to this site I have to say the information has been great in helping me make decisions on my home set up.

I have just become the proud owner of a 32PW9527 and have to say after watching Alien, Monsters Inc and Gladiator it has to be the best picture I have ever seen.

The detail in P+ is amazing it actually looks like you could reach out and grab the trees and other foreground detail.

After being a proud Sony owner for years I too was scepticle but now I have to say Philips are number one for picture quality in my book.
Hi, could you please tell me what the philips 32pw9527 is like with sky digital broadcasts using good scarts

Interesting........ from my experience of the Philips pw9527 and I thought for the cash (£1050 from c*met) the set was very poor .......the stills on it were fabulous but if you watched anything with movement the picture was hopeless digital artefacting all over the place in particualr on sport and action movies I backed the set to c*omet and bought the Sony 32fx66 from a webtrader for over a ton less and the tv is superb and before all you p+ fans ask i tried Philips on every possbile setting as i really liked the look of the set and the sound was awesome but it just wasn't for me maybe I was unlucky or i'm too fussy I don't know? A mate of mine has this set and loves it ........I would just make sure if you take the plunge for this set that you can return it as trying to buy a set going on the picture in a shop is a joke. How can they set tvs up so badly?

: :D
have any of you guys with a 36" phillips found it noisy?

Mine seems to hum and buzz a lot especially when displaying whites on screen?

How do you guys find it ?
I think that something else that needs mentioning is the Digital Natural Motion (DNM) of the Philips sets and how much it has progressed over the years.. The effects are almost immediate when you see motion in action, the picture panning with such smoothness to your eyes. Once you have become accustomed to this feature ( and you will ) its very difficult watching on another set that does not have a comparable (equal) motion system as DNR.

P+ and DNR are reasons alone to own a Philips .. providing you get a decent working set -)
Whats the difference between the 36PW9527 and the 36PW9607?

Do they have the black bands that the other Philips have?
Oh yes!! But the fix is documented on the web for the 9617.
AFAIK there is no fix for the 9527(different chassis)
Apart from that it is only the sound that is different.

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