Pixel Perfect Movie Poster Quiz


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Found this on t'web. All credit to the originator.
I'm struggling with two .

If you know the answers try and just name one poster and let others do the same. A-D vertical. 1-6 horizontal.
Have fun and stay safe :smashin:


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C1 Jaws, oops A 3 even :blush:


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Here is C6 :
I'll be honest, not one that was on my radar


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A5 looks like a man riding a pig underneath a flying sombrero. Which I have to admit isn't helping.
Forest Gump
I thought.

Sorry, just realised it's D5 doh


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A6 :

Only A5 to go.




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a1 pulp fiction
c1 res dogs

a1 kill bill
b2 NBK
c2 silence of the lambs

a3 jaws
c3 american beauty

a4 alien
b4 titanic
c4 ET

b5 scarface

b6 mask
d1 batman
d3 clockwork orange
d4 ghostbusters
d5 forrest gump
d6 terminator


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A5 is the only one I can't get. Although I did think C6 was Sex Tape and not what it really is.


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If you didn't get A5, be ashamed, be very ashamed it was the easiest of the lot!!

😲😲😲 :)

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