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Pixalation on VM+


Standard Member
Anybody else getting pixalation on vm+ was running fine until we upgraded to the vm+ box.
Tried vm tech help who sugested pulling the plug out for a couple of minutes and checking all connections.

The pixalation is intermitant and happens on most channels seem worst from 7pm onwards.

Any help please.

BlueYonder Man

Novice Member
Try turning down the sharpness level on your tv. I had the same problem when upgraded from the V to the V+ box I think they must have slightly different picture level outputs. This cured my pixelation problem and picture is now just as good as it was.


Novice Member
I had a similar thing on The Disney Channel (it may happen on others but as this is on all the time then I wouldn't know.... :().

It would pixelise every 5 mins or so just very quickly for a fraction of a second. This was a couple of months ago and it seemed to clear it self up, although I never got onto VM about it as the kids never noticed it - not the point really though is it.

Its worth another call to them though if its annoying you though!


Standard Member
I had the same problem and even had the box replaced. The problem still persisted, but I discovered that the connector on my cable had worked loose. Tightened it and no problems since.

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