Pivos XIOS XS [2014]


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Pivos after a very long wait have finally announced their next box the XIOS XS which is the entry level model.

Uses a dual core Amlogic 8726-MX chip at 1.5Ghz and runs Tofu a heavily modified version of XBMC out of the box, there is allegedly no Android interface XBMC (as Tofu) is the entire interface that goes for launching apps as well.

Specifications PDF
8GB internal storage
802.11 b/g/n wireless & ethernet
Bluetooth, SD card, USB
HDMI and optical
Custom remote

Probably the most polished XBMC out of the box system you will be able to buy, pity though that it's an MX with Amlogics budget S805 and high end S812/815 chips, the higher end models from Pivos will feature these apparently.


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Has amazon Fire superceded this box though? What are the benefits in buying this over the fire or even the cubox thingy?


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Yeah if they had launched with the newer S8 series it would be an easier sell.
Amazon FireTV
* Amazon fork of Android, OS tailored to remote and apps designed for remote usage.
* H.264, MPEG-4 hardware decoding, CPU can soft decode some other video formats but with limits.
* Dolby and Dolby Plus audio bitstreaming, DTS also works via XBMC.
* Good CPU/GPU.
* Good hardware build quality.
* Must manually install XBMC and still a few quirks in video playback.

XIOS XS [Amlogic MX model]
* Pivos fork of Android, OS merged with XBMC which is the UI, apps are same apps gotten through Google Play store so tablet apps.
* H.264, VC-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 plus a few other odds and ends supported through hardware decoding.
* Dolby and DTS audio bitstreaming.
* Not as good a CPU/GPU as FireTV or Amlogic S8 series.
* Good hardware build quality (allegedly).
* XBMC/Tofu runs out of the box, there is no install or setup, plus Amlogic is much more stable for video playback then any other Android platform.

I'm guessing the Amlogic S805 isn't ready as that is the new low end chip in that series and it has a better CPU/GPU then the old 8726-MX model with H.265 video decoding on top so at least it has that selling point even if no-one will really using it that much.

The XIOS XS for just XBMC alone would still likely give a better experience than the FireTV, it has more hardware decoders and more stable media playback but it doesn't have all the premium online services the FireTV has.
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Just to add to that, the Amazon box bistreams DTS too, as you mentioned that for the Pivos, but not the Amazon.


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Oh yeah I forgot that one, will add it, though I do wonder about DTS these days they seem to be actively blocking people from even officially licensing their codec, particularly software players.


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I wasnt aware they were blocking people from actually licensing it, seems rather bizarre. I can totally understand why they would require people to license it for decoding purposes, although it would seem rather crazy if they are requiring licensing for passthrough, as the whole point is you dont decode anything, just pass the encoded bitstream through to the sink. But who knows what the internal logic in a company like that is.

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