Pitfalls (if any) of buying a Wii from Spain


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Seeing as it will be virtually impossible to get hold of one of these before xmas in this country i was wondering if a Spanish console would be okay?

My sister lives there and is coming over to stay with us for christmas and has told me that her local store has quite a few Wii in stock.

I have read that the console is the same and just a plug change will be sufficient to ensure it works exactly as a UK console. Is this true, will everything work okay? any warranty, compatibility issues with games or accessories etc?

Any information would be appreciated.


As far as I know the WHOLE of Europe is covered by the same region so you should be Ok for games.

Normal plug would be fine I believe they are the same Voltage, I would imagine the Warrnaty is European one, i.e covering all of europe just not the US and Japan.


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wouldnt mind having this confirmed the in laws have driven off to spain today and are coming back on xmas eve

maybe they can source one at the local supermarket


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any updates

has anybody purchased a console from spain and tried it over here

at the moment its looking like my only option to get one


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Buying from anywhere in Europe is fine - the only difference is the plug on the end of the power lead. I have a German 360 and it's identical to a UK one bar the power lead.

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