PiP (Sky & PS2) on Acer AL2671W


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My fiance and I have just bought a new acer TV and we are pretty darn happy with it so far. However I have one small problem with it that im hoping someone can help me with. I have my Sky box and PS2 connected to the TV via the 2 available Scart sockets.

On the first day we had our TV I managed to play on my PS2 and have Sky TV displayed in the bottom right corner using the PiP functionality. Whats annoying is that i am unable to make it happen again. The channel for the PS2 is designated AV1, and Sky is on AV2. Whenever I use PiP on either of the these the only channels i can seem to be able to view in the PiP window are RGB2 (no idea what this is), Component (no idea what this is either), VGA or DVI-D.

I have had a good look through the manual - but quite frankly its rubbish and doesnt really cover anything bar turning the TV on. I have also tried to contact Acer but its been over a week and they havent gotten back to me as of yet. Any help would appreciated cos this is driving me nuts!
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