pioner 507xd banding issues?!


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Not sure if this is a fault with my tv or just a "feature " of ther pioneer. On some rear projection tv's as you probably know, you sometimes get a rainbow like banding around images when they are either moving fast, or if you move your head quickly. I'm getting this on my 507, but its not rainbow coloured, its a sort of yellow and blue tinge. Now I have noticed it it is getting quite annoying. Is anyone else having this problem at all?


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I get that on my 507 also. It’s only noticeable in some instances with white on dark backgrounds. It always occur on the same spots on certain dvds/games, but in other similar circumstances it does not occur. It’s a very brief rainbow like flash around the white/black edge. But unlike DLPs, moving my head does not seem to trigger it. Overall I can say that I rarely spot it and it’s annoys me less than DLP rainbows.

Most people may not notice it unless they look for it, but I have showed it to a few friends, using dvds that I know triggers it, and they could also spot it.

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