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I have a 506XDE on order, and I'm trying to figure out where my various boxes need to go.

To ensure family friendliness, I have ordered the speakers for the set, so that visitors etc. don't need to figure out the amp etc. This should be fine for the built in tuner, and any SCART driven sources, and I assume HDMI sources.

But how do I get audio in from a DVI source (ie. my Snazio Net Cinema HD)? I assumed that I would just use a DVI + RCA to HDMI lead, but can't find any, they are all just DVI to HDMI. Or I am I wrong - does DVI include audio?

I usual use (ie. when *I'm* driving the controls), then I would have audio going via the amp of course, but for others I need to make it as easy as possible: picture matches sound, volume on control works etc.


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You need to run DVI-HDMI to HDMI on input 3. And also run scart-scart, or 2RCA-scart, for audio only to scart 3. The Plasma picks up audio from the scart and video from the HDMI.


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I had the same problem last weekend when my Oppo DVI DVD Player arrived from the States.

Input 3 on the media box consists of a Scart input and HDMI plug. I plugged my DVI to HDMI cable into the HDMI socket and then placed the phono outputs from the DVD player into a S-Video to Scart converter and plugged it into the Scart.

I didn't think it would work but once you enable the HDMI input within the menus for input 3 it works a treat with Audio coming in via the Scart converter plug and the video crystal clear via the HDMI.

A bit of a bodge but it works.


Thanks both - cool solution! I have a photo of the back of the media box, so can see what you mean.

Thanks for the quick response!


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