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Any Pioneer plasma owners out there who can answer me a simple question about aspect control on 4:3 pictures (from my Sky+ box)?

I know other brands like Panasonic have a mode called "just" which zooms the 4:3 a little and stretches the side but leaves the center intact. Like the "smart" mode on my Sony. Does the Pioneer have a mode like this?

On my TV I never watch 4:3 in it's natural format anyway and it seems that doing this on a plasma is not good for other reasons.

I'm thinking of getting the PDP433MXE btw.

Thanks for any feedback...


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On my Pio 433,,I have the following modes if I recall:

Full: seems okay for Widescreen Cable. Also, on using the THX Optimax functions, I get a perfect circle!

Zoom: Never really used it

Wide: This may be your 'stretch facility'

4:3 Speaks for it self.

Hope this helps



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Thanks Adrian

What's Optimax??? Is it a DVD similar to Video Essentials?

Could you expand on what "full" does to a 4:3 image?

I can't wait to get going on plasma but want to make the right choice...



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In video modes:

Full shows widescreen broadcasts 'correctly' but stretches 4:3 broadcasts linearly to the full width of the screen

Zoom appears to stretch the picture vertically - e.g. if you are watching 2.35:1 movies on FULL you get black bars top and bottom. If you use ZOOM the bars disappear but the picture is 'stretched' vertically (people look thin and tall) - you don't seem to lose much if anything at the sides. If you are watching 4:3 TV, the aspect looks correct but you lose the top/bottom of the image.

Wide sounds the same as Panny's Just. It takes a 4:3 image and stretches the image horizontally to fill the width of the screen, but stretching the sides not the middle. It also clips off some of the top/ bottom of the image. Personally, I don't like it at all (on panning shots, people go thick/thin/thick again!) so I tend to stick with zoom or 4:3...

4:3 is what you'd expect - grey bars at the side and a correct ratio 4:3 image. No burn-in worries as long as you limit the usage (particularly during the first hours of the plasma) and return to a full screen image for a while afterwards.

In Computer input modes, things are a bit different. E.g. for a 1024x768 4:3 input, you have:

Dot-by-dot: as it sounds - a 1024x768 pixel for pixel image, so it appears horizontally stretched on the 16:9 screen

4:3: remaps the input to a 4:3 ratio - looks 'correct' but you lose some detail horizontally.

There's another mode which deals with lower res images - e.g. 800x600 can be zoomed to fill the screen. Can't remember if this is called Zoom or what!?



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If youuse the Integal Menu, youcan change these side bars to black (or any other colour)

Thank you

for a much better expalnation Phil :)


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